Building new urban model style

(Building) – On 19/7, in Hanoi, the Department of Urban Development – standing body of the Vietnam Urban Forum in collaboration with the Belgian Embassy and the Asian Development Fund organized the seminar on shoulder administrator role in shaping the dynamics of urban, open and meet resistance.


Director of the Department of Urban Development, said Nguyen Tuong Van, Vietnam is located in an important position in Southeast Asia and Asia with the urbanization rate increased rapidly. Currently there are about 790 urban areas, increased in both quantity and quality, become the growth engine of the economy. However, urban development is faced with many difficulties and challenges, such as lack of control over the functionality and architectural forms; development “hot” operating beyond the ability of local governments; lack of synchronization of the technical infrastructure – social; Potential risks due to climate change …

To deal with this situation, Vietnam needs more direct talks in order to find appropriate solutions for the development. At the seminar, Vietnam wants to share more about the role of urban governance in the city. “On the professional spirit, cooperation and sharing, we look forward to jointly deepen awareness about urban issues, along with the determination to find solutions to urban sustainable development, prosperity “- Mr. Van said.

Dr. Michael DiGregorio – Representative of Asia Foundation in Vietnam, said that the sharing of information and dialogue for urban development policies are essential, especially to find solutions appropriate to each stage of development, each special of each local enemy. Public policy is currently under many aspects concerned with serving the interests of the community, how to manipulate how that policy … and towards building the city typically progressive.

Dr. Michael Douglass came from Asia Research Institute and School of Public Policy Lee Kuan Yew – National University of Singapore, the share: By the end of the twenty-first century, the population of the city in Asia is forecast to increase more than 1 billion people . Therefore, this area should be enhanced resilience against such urgent social, economic and especially the environmental disaster taking place regularly, increasingly fierce. If weak capacity in handling “double impact” would undermine the long-term resilience of the city, even can arise more serious risks.

According to Dr. Michael Douglass, city needs to build a dynamic model, open to the basic pillars of culture, natural environment good, fair distribution and inclusion in community life and society in order to solve this problem. This new management model has resilience to overcome the deep crisis in the urbanization.

Professor Myung Rae (Dankook University – South Korea), the shared experience of Seoul City. Accordingly, man is placed in a central location in urban governance, urban reform helps flourished about cloning. By mounting civil society in urban governance, Seoul was able to break the pattern of international TP is connected globally to start building the path that the people located in a central location to develop bloom ro terms of cloning. This helps these dynamic and open-minded city can develop from the social resources and culture.

For Vietnam, HCMC proposed major urban starts embellishment program to relocate and reorganize the lives of people who live on the canals. Next, build a new city, replacing old damaged apartment degradation; Main site or upgrading existing residential areas; towards the goal of building and urban development in sync and civilized. HCM City will focus on efficient exploitation of the funds raised through the check information, identify land to perform the contract in the form of public-private partnership (PPP).

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