Landscaping housing construction

As a new sub-urban areas with relatively high standards, suitable habitat, where the cohesion of nature xuang around, there are opportunities for many people with different economic conditions come in.

As a new urban sub-centers, which serve as a basis for urban development in the direction up the hill and into deep inside. Created the foundation for the long-term environmental improvements.

As a new sub-urban infrastructure standards high. That is the structure of land use in the remaining small serving traffic and public works. Technical infrastructure system here is also the open for long-term infrastructure across the region inside.

As a new sub-urban areas but not large-scale full opportunity to use the social infrastructure: education, culture, trade and transport.

As a new sub-urban areas combined with the people built on the hill with the styling freedom, along with the green hills that make up a vibrant living environment that will enrich the regional architecture.

The project has a negative impact on most of the construction period, and the subjective reason is that there are corrective measures. When the project is completed without any serious adverse effect on the environment impact, there are more projects to improve environmental measures are better areas.

This is a project if the assessment in view of the environment is feasible to implement development plans a residential cottage. But investors and institutions related to the project should strictly implement measures to minimize adverse impacts on the environment, particularly in real-time infrastructure investment patio.

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