Project of the hotel

To build a building like that, the selection of contractors for the home or your business establishment is the issue of most concern investors. Understand the worry that, right from the precursor stage, we are constantly seeking and creating favorable conditions for workers to be able to improve, learn and improve skills.

Up to now, we have build up a workforce of skilled construction teams and highly disciplined. With the existing team: Team masonry, electricity and water team, paint the team, team iron, plaster … teams can carry out all the projects of architecture, luxury family houses with high levels of complexity. Besides, we can manufacture and installation of all equipment in the interior such as false ceilings, building plaster, painted baits, natural furniture manufacturing and industry, as steel, stainless steel, aluminum and glass , hydraulic doors, rolling doors, …

After the end of the design phase, construction will send quotes to customers, if agreed to sign the construction contract, we will deduct a fee component designs (depending on the project) to the client. And any subsequent construction process will be direct and urge close monitoring to ensure product output will perfectly, technically correct and in accordance with the agreed design.

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