Set up

We specialize in providing services for the installation of electric systems, construction and repair of utilities in the house …. Commitment “reputation – quality – best prices” on the market

We can install, repair utilities of public works?

– We get electricity and water installations houses.

– Installation, repair, maintenance utilities apartment.

– Construction, installation, repair power and water villas.

– Other works such as schools, restaurants, hotels, offices and companies.

Why you to use utility repair service at our Hanoi?

Our team of technicians, repairmen our electricity and water 24/7. Refresh and repair in the difficult position of construction, fast processing, professional.

With a staff of professional skilled our agile quality assurance to all families.

Appropriate cost, fast service, efficiency and satisfaction with services every home electrical repair our country.

Make sure the time, work progress. Delivery of the works, payment.

We received phone repair water at home all the areas in Hanoi.

All our services are constructed VAT invoice and warranty card guarantee absolute credibility.

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